Faith-Based Mental Health Therapy

in Crosslake, MN

Outpatient Mental Health Therapy for: Children, Youth, Adults, Family & Couples

The Way Mental Health invites you into faith-based mental health therapy. It is our hope that people will accept their whole self and circumstances, and be overcome by the love of Jesus so that they may heal and restore their lives for eternity.


Inviting the afflicted, brokenhearted, captives, prisoners, mourning and grieving to accept the wholeness of their situation and believe Gods promises in them.


Praying that people will be overcome by Gods good news of peace, freedom, comfort, justice and provision in their life.


Providing Space for healing from this worlds suffering through the work of the Holy Spirit with the confidence of eternal life.


Planting hope that God will bestow a crown of beauty instead of ashes, gladness instead of mourning, praise instead of despair, and restoration instead of devastation.

There are moments of distress and hardship in all of our lives. Meeting with a qualified and compassionate therapist can be a step in your journey towards healing and restoration. We hope to lead you towards more peace and freedom!

Mental Health concerns may include difficult thoughts, uncomfortable emotions, physical challenges, unhealthy behaviors, relational and social distress.

Holistic Care

At The Way we believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. It is through a biblical worldview and the work of the Holy Spirit that we approach the biological, psychological, and relational parts of our being.


Hi, Naomi Nelson here. I am a mental health therapist, committed to helping youth and adults heal, grow, and flourish. I focus on the whole person (biological, psychological, social and spiritual) targeting hurts, habits and beliefs. I often connect with people who have experienced abuse, sexual trauma, emotional heaviness, broken relationships, despair, hopelessness, worry and fear. I use therapy techniques such as TF-CBT, DBT, somatic therapy, equine therapy, nature, prayer and scripture to meet the needs of people I journey with. It would be my privilege to trek through the mountains and valleys with you.

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